Dancing Toddlers: Fun and Bouncing to the Rhythm Leads to Skill, Strength, and Better Self-Control

Why take my toddler to dance class?  

Toddlers have such a natural sense of rhythm and love to dance. Look at all the YouTube videos with little toddlers dancing to music and music videos. They can feel the music and move to it with pure joy.  In fact, children young and old love to dance and many kids talk fondly of their parents being goofy and dancing with them to their music or even doing a game like the Nintendo Wii’s Dance Revolution.

So now you take this natural rhythm and connection to music children have and now you coordinate their movement choices with instructions. Their dance teacher will start with them simply bouncing to the music which the toddlers are complete pros at doing. Then she will have them progress to more coordinated moves like skipping, hopping, and balancing on one leg.

All of this helps develop little dancers make connections between their minds and their bodies using music as the vehicle to experience control and skill. They are learning the more concrete reality of how their body moves and how they are in charge of it.

When children learn how to control their bodies and be in charge of it; this creates a sense of strength and power. At the same time, the little dancers will be developing their large muscle skills, improving coordination, improving gross motor skills, and developing eye-hand coordination.

These are the years of independence. These little ones want to be the boss so bad and exert their power with the word of “no” and sometimes a tantrum or two (or ten)! Going to dance class is often the first time they are doing an independent coordinated activity with a non-parent teacher and peers. There is so much you do to love, nurture, and teach your children yourself.