Eat More, Not Less! Snacking is a Good Thing in Your Life!



No! A loud resounding NO!  Snacks are good thing! So many people hear a lot about eating less and will go hours and hours without eating based upon this mythology or in attempts to lose weight. Eating less is not a good thing and can lead to gaining weight as not eating enough or too little puts your body in starvation mode. Eating more can be a great thing; especially when it comes to snacking. Now, of course, there are good choices and bad choices.



Snacking keeps your energy levels up and gives you more opportunities to meet more of your daily nutritional needs. Your body needs fuel every 2-3 hours you are awake. For some people, just thinking of eating that often is a daunting task. As an adult, you can set your phone timer to go off every 3 hours and grab one of your prepared snacks (more on snack prep later!). As a child, they are most likely feeling hungry that often and just need to be provided access to healthy snack choices.



The key to great snacking is preparation. You can do this the night before for yourself or your entire household or you can do it in the morning. Too often there are large gaps between eating times with the busyness of life. Kids are so hungry after school and often heading to an activity right after school before dinner time. This is too great of a gap to go without eating.


Often parents get lured into some of those bad choices due to convenience and saving time. However, it is far more economical and truly convenient if these snacks are prepped ahead of time and brought along with you.


One great tip from a mom is she brings a picnic basket with her picking up kids from school filled with healthy snacks and drinks that kids can have fun opening the basket to see what the choices are today.



Candy Sugary Items and Soda Pop are net-negative non-food products. These items require health and nutrition from your body to be processed through your body and out of your body. So, these kind of bad choice snacks literally rob your body of nutrients just to process them out of your body. They do not contribute to your health or well-being. There are also numerous studies showing how harmful and what kind of damage consumption of sugar products and pop products can be to you. So, we want to help you make good, better, best choices when it comes to snacking.



Raw fruits and vegetables are filled with high nutrition, vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. Consuming these is always a good choice. Combing fruit and vegetables with a protein is a better choice. It gives more longevity and stability to your snack and stabilizes the blood sugar spike of just a pure fruit snack.



·         English muffin with melted cheese and apple slices

·         Cucumber or Red Bell Peppers with Hummus

·         Green Apples (bonus: they have specific abdominal fat burning properties)

·         Combine green apples with peanut butter or cheese when possible

·         3 squares of dark chocolate – 70% or higher

·         Greek Yogurt + Fresh/Frozen Fruit + 1-2 ozs of high protein granola

·         Hard Boiled Eggs

·         Home-Made Smoothies: ice + plain greek yogurt + fresh/frozen fruit + protein powder + water/milk

·         2ozs to 4ozs of Nuts + Seeds + Dried Fruit

·         Mixed Nuts with NO peanuts

·         (fyi peanuts and peanut butter are good snacks, however; just not combined with any other nut as they are technically a legume and processed differently)

·         Single Nut Snacks like pistachios, cashews, almonds

·         Red Bell Peppers anytime (*bonus: they have specific fat burning properties)

·         Air Popped Popcorn with Butter and Nutritional/Brewer’s Yeast

·         Any Veggie with a Dip like Hummus / Guacamole / Spinach Dip

·         3-5 Rolls of Lunchmeat + Cheese (sliced cheese or cream cheese)

·         3-5 Sticks Beef Jerky or Beef or Turkey Sticks with cream cheese for dipping

·         Celery Sticks with Filling like Cream Cheese / Peanut Butter / Hummus

·         Sliced Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil/Spinach, Balsamic Vinegar

·         5-10 Pre-Cooked Frozen Meatballs heated up with Spaghetti Sauce / Salsa

·         Cottage Cheese + Fruit (berries or put in avocado)

·         Asparagus Spears + Hard Boiled Egg

·         Pear with ricotta cheese (heat up pear, sprinkle ricotta with cinnamon)

·         Baby carrots and whole wheat pita triangles with hummus


Happy Snacking! Make this a daily priority for you as a parent and your children. It will improve the energy, health, and daily nutrition intake for you and your family.